Gabriella Piroli lives in Milano and she’s a professional journalist.

On a professional level: after some experiences in university research and collaborations, she was hired at Arnoldo Mondadori Editori and has worked for many of the Group’s newspapers, both specialized in economics (Espansione, Marketing Espansione, Economia&Management, Panorama Economy) and high-end women’s titles (Marie Claire, Flair).

She directed the Laboratory on Inquiry of the “Leonardo Mondadori Master’s in Journalism.”

Since 2012 she has been on the Editorial Board of Prometeo, proposing topics and authors, also writing long reports on some crucial figures of contemporary culture such as Hillman, Harari, Rovelli and Quammen.

On the social level: she has been active in trade unions, and is still vice-president of the National Board of Arbitrators Fnsi. Since 2011 she is part of the Executive of the Circolo della Stampa of Milan, with delegation to the European Press Clubs.

She has participated in two collective and women’s works, Hearts of Stone and Faces of Bronze (Oscar Mondadori).